Artificial Grass – The Best Features Of Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

The Prime Highlights of Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

It is the biggest challenge for pet owners to have a lush green and healthy lawn because they often need to deal with stain patches, muddy paws and the digging damages. Besides, the pets also need to encounter the dangers from the pesticides. Playing outside is necessary for the health of the pets and being the pet owner you will always prefer to offer them a safe and friendly environment for playing and running. Dogs are the pet who love playing in lawns, but at times they cause permanent damages to the natural lawns with their urine and wastes. To prevent these damages and offer the pets with a safe environment to play pet owners are now switching to Pet Friendly Artificial Grass. These are the types of artificial grasses which not only give you a lush green lawn, but also give your pets a safe and happy environment where they can enjoy playing. Below are some of the highlights of these artificial grasses for pets.

Easy to Clean and Stain-Free and Low Maintenance

The biggest highlight of this Pet Friendly Artificial Grass is that pet owners can now relish as there is no need to clean the Pet friendly artificial grassstains that are caused by the urine or waste of your pets. The lawns designed with artificial turfs are permeable that enables the pet urine and waste to drain automatically and give them a hygienic and clean surface to play upon. Unlike the natural turfs, these artificial turfs are designed with synthesis fibers which never get damaged by the faeces and urine of the pets. There will no issue of odor which is caused by the waste and urine of the pets during the dry weather conditions.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Is Built to Last Longer

The Pet Friendly Artificial Grass not only gives your lawn a natural lush green look, but it also last for years to come and also withstand the heavy footfalls. The synthetic turfs are very strong and durable and it is designed with synthetic materials which can withstand the heavy use from pets and pet owners. These artificial turfs for lawns and home gardens are designed to last for year and can withstand daily abuses that your pets have to offer. It can last up to 20 years and preserve the lush green appearance throughout these years. Some of the artificial turfs are British Made and they are designed to last for over 20 years and also come with 10 years manufacturing warranty.

Great Alternative for Kennel Runs

In the commercial kennel arena, there is an increasing demand of artificial turf, even dog care centers are now switching to these pet friendly artificial turfs. Instead of using the rough and hard surfaces of concrete and gravels, the dog care centers and kennels are now opting for the Pet Friendly Artificial Grass solutions as it is easy to clean, maintains and demands for very minimal maintenance. These artificial grasses also offer happier experience to the dogs that play upon it and they easily accept these artificial turfs and consider them as a real one.

The artificial turfs for pets also help the kennel owners and dog care centers to save money in lawn maintenance, enabling them to focus on other things where they can excel like caring of pets. The kennel owners that have installed these artificial turfs in their kennel have reported that there is a positive response at the playtime compared to the natural grass, while pets are enjoying the soft and springy feel to the fullest. This indicates that the dogs are enjoying and benefitting from the outdoor activities and workouts and also socializing with other dogs. Moreover, pet owners are appreciating to pick up their pets without the problem of muddy paws and their fur to clean.

These were some of the highlights of Pet Friendly Artificial Grass. There are many other features of these pet friendly artificial turfs which you can enjoy by installing it your home gardens and lawns. It is specially designed for pat owners who want a clean and safe environment for their pets, while eliminate the hassles of cleaning and maintaining the lush green gardens. So, give your pets with safe and clean gardens and lawns to play with these artificial turfs for pets.



The best pet friendly artificial grass in the market

The best pet friendly artificial grass in the market

Your pet may like to roam around freely in the lawns and yet not being able to do so at present just because the real grass growing in the lawns has become so dense and tall that moving in them is a bit of pain for the pet. If the lawns become hostile, then the movement of pet can get restricted and the quality of life of pet can go for a toss. You certainly don’t want that for your pet, right? We bring to you the ultimate solution for your pet which comes in the form of pet friendly artificial grass. Let’s see some of the best artificial grass for pets in the market.

SynLawn Pet System

The SynLawn system consists of the best pet friendly artificial grass that can help you manage your pet’s daily activities, like strolling, playing and even doing the usual daily business. This lawn grass is quite easy to clean and can be easily handled by the pet owners. The surface temperature is quite low and it has a natural look to it too. The pet’s comfort is heightened this way and the comfort that your pet gets is beyond imagination. This can be one of the best gifts you can get for your pets.

Pet Zen Garden

When it comes to the best pet friendly artificial grass in the market, you can also find Pet Zen Garden to be topping the list. The artificial grass is very much permeable to urine and has drainage holes backed by rubber. The pets will love to roll on it and play around on this grass. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean, which is a delight for the pet owners. The soft and comfortable 4-toned texture of the grass is also a delight for the pets. It is quite durable and gives a very groomed and neat look when installed.

Golden Moon Pet grass

The list of the best pet friendly artificial grass also consists of Golden Moon grass that is resistant to wear and tear and can last long once installed. The high permeability of the grass takes care of the smell that is generated after the pets urinate on the grass. The neighbors will never complain about odor as the fake grass helps you to manage the environmental impact. The grass is 100% safe for your pets and is also safe for humans. It is therefore easy to play around with your pet in this kind of grass and maintain a tender land for your pet’s feet.

Perfect turf pet grass

The Perfect Turf grass is known for its durability and complete drainage system. The drainage is often an issue with the pet owners and the trouble of cleaning the grass or reinstalling it is often quite a lot of headache for the pet owners. This can be easily avoided by getting the best quality pet friendly artificial grass for Perfect Turf. The strong backing of the grass is meant to ensure durability and removes chances of unpleasant odors from the usual business of the pets.

Pup Grass

The Pup Grass is a synthetic fiber which gives the feeling of a lawn to the pet owners. It is quite easy to clean and maintain. While your pets will love to roll on this grass, even your kids will find the fake grass safe and can feel free to play around with the pets. The grass is of high quality and can last for a long time. It is one of the most effective pet friendly artificial grass available in the market. It is quite elegant to look at, is quite clean, easy to handle and quick to install as well. The non-toxic grass inhibits bacterial action and removes bad odors. The cost may be a factor that can be of concern to pet owners though.

If you want to get pet friendly artificial grass installed at your home, then it is time for you to choose one of the options that we have brought to you or survey the market and get the best product for your lovely pets. The best artificial grass can enhance the quality of life of your pets and it can be a huge delight for you as well.





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